Shipment sent at cost wherever possible


Hello and Welcome to FNQHobbys basic website

FNQHobbys is a little Family owned and run Hobby Shop in Mareeba which is in Far North 

Queensland in Australia

This little business is run by Sharon and Mark. 

We have been selling Model Trains since 2008 so we are still new to the retail industry but I love to share my passion for model trains with other like minded people in the hobby

For me the hobby comes before the business and I will be running my model trains until the day I pass on. I have only found the new world of DCC

and am enjoying it immensely

Our passion and business goal's is to provide the best service we can to all of our valued customers both on-line and through the shop

Yes we do mostly sell to on-line buyers but we are actually set up as a shop and have full council approval for this business on our site

We are in a big tin shed but not having to pay large chunks of money for helps us keep the price of our stock down

Having said that we still don't have the buying power of the bigger shops so we will never be the cheapest online seller on the net 

Thank you Mark